Summer Update

We are sorry for the lack of updates from this website. Events took over and we were juggling many things at once. As many of you know, the drill went in overnight at the end of May and UK Oil & Gas have been drilling, showing visitors from the Parish Councils round the site, and thinking about the money.

Regular daily protests have been taking place, including Cake at the Gate, from 11am, at the gates of the site on Adversane Lane, West Chiltington. Everyone is welcome to come to this – especially this Monday 10th and Tuesday 11th July when we will be out in force to protest about the Environment Agency approving the permit extension for UKOG to flow-test, without due care and consideration for the environment – and despite plenty of reasoned opposition to this from the Campaign for the Protection of Rural England, and Sussex Wildlife Trust, among others. In light of the concerns we have about this process, we would love you to write to Southern Water, asking them how they intend to protect our water supply if there are any accidents. To make it easy, here is a letter to adapt, self-address, date and print, then post. Posted letters still seem more effective compared to emails. Southern Water Letter

A Protection Camp is now set up in the area, helping raise awareness through actions and outreach, as well. Many local campaigners and concerned residents also meet every Saturday, 2pm-4pm, at the green on the Adversane Crossroads, near to the Blacksmith’s Arms. Please join us to find out more.

There will be more events coming up to raise awareness so stay tuned!

You may find more information via the Broadford Bridge Action Group Facebook page, dealing with events and actions regarding the UKOG drilling site on Adversane Lane. This new local umbrella group is a coalition of individuals and local groups who are campaigning against oil drilling in this part of the Weald. You can email them for more info at


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