Object to Environment Agency permit extension by THURSDAY 13th APRIL

Please object to the Environment Agency planning variation request by Kimmeridge Oil and Gas Limited (KOGL), subsidiary of UK Oil and Gas, license holders of Broadford Bridge site, Adversane Lane, RH14 9ED.

Simply write a paragraph or two, or more if you like, including your name and address – unless you don’t want this included – to KOGL’s permit variation to acidise the well at the Broadford Bridge site.

Some of our concerns are the following, which you can use in your objection:

  • Chemical use is greater in acidisation than in hydraulic fracking. Plus, with many chemicals involved in the process, listed on the Safety Data Sheet, there is no specific or further information available. Therefore, the precautionary principle should apply, on the basis of these chemicals having unknown effects, and this permit should be refused.
  • Solid and liquid waste will be toxic, highly saline and radioactive, a risk to groundwater, surface water and soil should accidents occur.
  • The EA Midlands office stated that there are no suitable disposal facilities in southern England.
  • Wells may be acidised repeatedly and there is little research on the subject of repeated acidisation. The cumulative effect on our environment and human health.
  • The risk of spills and other accidents.
  • No nearby accident and emergency department.
  • Lack of public consultation.
  • Absence of discussion of these issues in the Environmental Statement originally submitted by Celtique Energie.
  • The Weald is very faulted. Faults are complex and unpredictable in their hydrogeological behaviour and should be regarded as leaky.  The site is situated near a fault, which could take liquids to the River Arun.
  • Another thing we’ve noticed about this permit variation application is that it’s just been copied and pasted from same application to Surrey County Council for the Horse Hill well, without even changing the details or name, let alone tailoring it to the rural Sussex area its in. This is shocking sloppiness, as if no one would even look at the application, let alone comment on it. Therefore the permit is not valid because the supporting documentation is incorrect.

Overall, we think the new plans need a whole new planning application and public consultation.

It looks like KOGL think no one’s paying attention. Show them we are by objecting to these proposed changes to this permit extension application by filling in the forms here: https://consult.environment-agency.gov.uk/psc/rh14-9ed-kimmeridge-oil-gas-limited/



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