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4 June 2015

Finally, an update from Keep Billingshurst Frack Free after you kindly left your email address with us to find out how you can help more.

We’ve had a busy couple of months since we met at the Community Centre and have news to tell, most of it good. No, Celtique aren’t leaving West Sussex alone for good – but they are suing Magellan. So for now, they’ve got no money… But with the Conservative government crazily wanting to go “all out for shale” (even though there’s not even money to be made out of it it, economically it’s a bad idea, let alone for people and our number one resources of land, water and air), we’re still under threat.

So you’ll be pleased to hear KBFF had a successful second Craft & Chat afternoon, at the Women’s Hall on 10th May. Thanks to all who have signed up to this list to help, find out more, and stay in the know about what we’re doing to try to raise awareness more in the village and surrounding areas – as the Broadford Bridge site is close to Pulborough and West Chiltington too.

Then, on Thursday 21st May, a team of volunteers and residents had a stand at Chichester University where Polly Higgins, esteemed thinker and lawyer, spoke about her campaign to make Ecocide a law protecting the planet. Many people wanted to find out more and joined this communication list and the KBFF facebook group  – which we use to keep you updated about news and updates.

It seems to us that community awareness and support amongst high street retailers is improving, but there is still so much to be done at a local level in the village. We are now working to connect with Parish Counsellors, members of the District Council and relevant MPs, and will feed back any news or information to you as we have it. If anyone has any connections already in these groups then please come forward and help.

On Sunday 7th June KBFF will be having a stall at the Rudgewick Village Hall tabletop sale and dog show from 10am, so we can hand out some more leaflets and spread the word. Our flyers were also present at a previous supportive Rudgewick event.

Coming up in Billingshurst, on Sat 4th July, at the King’s Arms, from 5pm (after the school fair, so hoping some people might pop in from that… ) we have a great day of live music, bouncy castle and face painting for the kids, where KBFF will have a table with all our info’ and be there to talk to anyone who wants to find out more. We’re really pleased to have the support of  opening band Vibe Machine, who are on the Frack Free Sussex fundraising CD, (along with 20 other anti-fracking bands) which we’ll be selling at the event to raise money for future events. Everyone is welcome to come for the fun or to help with the stall, bring mates, talk to others there about what’s planned for Broadford Bridge and why we’re concerned.

After various chats with others involved in this and the Keep Kirdford and Wisborough Green campaign – which saw off Celtique’s planned drill site there and are keen to help us do the same – it seems the best thing we can do is keep raising awareness in any way we can. So talking about it is a start. But,  if there are enough of us in various areas, we’d also like have a little stall outside a shop or the station in Billingshurst, perhaps fortnightly or weekly, Pulborough Sainsburies and or somewhere in West Chiltington? If anyone would be willing to help man this, with leaflets to hand out and a friendly face for people to talk to about it and find out more, then please get in touch by sending us an email.

Other ideas for forthcoming events are doing a ramble to the site, film screenings and making a video with an HGV going on the route trucks would take (like this one from the Wisborough campaigners). Any other ideas for awareness raising ideas that would get the attention of the locals are very welcome.

So, that is definitely enough to be getting on with digesting. Hopefully we’ll be in touch more often with more good news and events to come.

Thanks for your support and hope to see you soon. Please do forward this email on to anyone you know who might be interested.

Coffee, craft and chat 

Our first meeting on 15  March 2015, with massive support from campaigners at Keep Wisborough and Kirdford Frack Free, and Frack Free Sussex. Please help us to grow our local anti-fracking commmunity!

Keep Lancashire Frack Free

Lancashire County Council has announced new dates in June (23rd and 24th) for its Development Control Committee to make decisions on Cuadrilla Resources plans to continue fracking in the Fylde. Find out more here. 


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